♔ The Fringe Tiara of Queen Mary

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Fringe Tiara of Queen Mary was created in 1919 for, you guessed it, Queen Mary. The tiara can also be worn as a necklace. The tiara is not, as some have claimed, made with diamonds that belonged to George III, but is made from diamonds taken from a necklace/tiara purchased by Queen Mary in 1893. 

In August 1936, Queen Mary gave the tiara to Queen Elizabeth, who alter loaned the tiara to  her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, later HM Queen Elizabeth II, as "
something borrowed" for her wedding in 1947. When Princess Elizabeth was getting dressed on her wedding day at Buckingham Palace, the tiara snapped. Luckily, the court jeweler was standing by in case of an emergency. The tiara was luckily fixed in time for the wedding. If you looked closely at the tiara, you can see where the tiara had to be fixed. 

The Queen Mother later loaned the tiara to her granddaughter Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, for her wedding to Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. 


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